NBS-BJACK Series | 8 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Our NBS-BJACK series of hand-crank single or dual-action 8ton rated long-stroke bottle jacks suits our NBS-Tiltmast tilt-over mast for controlled raising and lowering of your tilt mast and fitted hardware/equipment/antennas. We have 2 models of NBS-BJACK models of hand-crank 8ton rated bottle jacks. The NBS-Tiltmast is supplied with all fixing brackets for the NBS-BJACK to mount to and the NBS-BJACK series are supplied with all securing fixings. Please note: the NBS-BJACK is designed for raising and lowering purposes only and should not be used to hold/retain your NBS-Tiltmast tilt arm, the supplied securing bolts for your NBS-Tiltmast should be used and the NBS-BJACK removed and internally stored once NBS-Tiltmast securing bolts installed.

Australian Owned & Manufactured Australian owned & manufactured for 50+ years.
In-house Support Experienced, knowledgeable in-house technical support
Customisation Available Customisation of finish, mounting and equipment fixings available
ISO Quality Certified QA Accredited ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001


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  • NBS-BJACK – Single Action
  • NBS-BJACK-2 – Dual Action

Load Rating – Winch

  • NBS-BJACK – 8 Ton
  • NBS-BJACK-2 – 8 Ton


Painted toughened steel outer main body with internal piston, toughened steel fixing brackets, adjustable pressure valve, single or dual action pump with detachable handle.

Weight – of unit

  • NBS-BJACK – 10kg
  • NBS-BJACK-2 – 10.5kg

Included Wire Length

25 metres / 82 ft

Suitable for

SKU: NBS-Tiltmast

Included in Kit

  • 1 x bottle jack
  • 1 x detachable handle
  • 1 x securing pins for jack mounting
  • 1 x securing pins for piston attachment

Supplied packaging

Cardboard box – 100% recyclable

Stock Status

In-stock – ready for immediate dispatch

NBS-BJACK series Technical Data Sheet