NBS-TEM | Antenna Mount

Our NBS-TEM is our static top equipment mount for the safe, secure and long-term mounting for your antenna or equipment on our NBS-Tiltmast with an extension pole (88.9mm SHS). The NBS-TEM top equipment mount pole is 48.3mm O.D. x 3.2mm W.T., suitable for all equipment mounting including lighting, surveillance, telecommunications or monitoring hardware. The NBS-TEM slides externally to your 88.9mm SHS extension pole and secured utilising the supplied M20 bolt. Drilling through your extension pole (using NBS-TEM as a guide) is required for securing. We recommend ensuring the hole aligns with the tilt-over bolt for ease of fitment in the horizontal orientation.

Australian Owned & Manufactured Australian owned & manufactured for 50+ years.
In-house Support Experienced, knowledgeable in-house technical support
Customisation Available Customisation of finish, mounting and equipment fixings available
ISO Quality Certified QA Accredited ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001


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Fully-galvanised steel SHS tube with internally welded reinforcement plates and equipment mount pole

Weight – of unit

  • 7.00 kg / 15.43 lbs


  • Overall height: 850mm / 33.46″
  • Mount pole length: 594mm / 23.38″
  • Mount pole diameter: 48.3mm x 3.2mm W.T.  / 1.9″ x 0.125″ W.T.
  • SHS internal slide-on depth: 150mm / 5.9″
  • Mount hole: 21mm / 0.82″

Suitable for

SKU: NBS-Tiltmast

Installation requirements

  • NBS-Tiltmast – order separate
  • 88.9mm galvanised SHS extension tube
  • NBS-BJack series – order separate

Supplied packaging

Cardboard box – 100% recyclable or supplied with NBS-Tiltmast on wooden skid

Stock Status

In manufacture – Approx. 3-4 week supply

NBS-TEM Technical Data Sheet