NBS-Toppulleymount | Mast Pulley

The NBS-Toppulleymount is designed for mounting a top your extension pole within the NBS-Tiltmast allowing for utilisation of a hand-crank winch to raise and lower your antenna/equipment or hardware, once the NBS-Tiltmast is in its vertical orientation, removing the requirements to lower your mast arm. The NBS-Toppulleymount is designed to externally mount around your 89mm x 89mm SHS galvanised extension pole in the orientation as per the installation drawing.

Australian Owned & Manufactured Australian owned & manufactured for 50+ years.
In-house Support Experienced, knowledgeable in-house technical support
Customisation Available Customisation of finish, mounting and equipment fixings available
ISO Quality Certified QA Accredited ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001


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Galvanised steel main body and top cap, cast aluminium pulley wheel with internal bearing


3.2 kg / 7.05 lbs


Height: 220mm x 110mm width
Pulley Wheel diameter: 120mm

Installation tools required

  • 1 x Adjustable spanner or
  • 1 x 19mm spanner – Loosening pulley retaining bolt to route winch cable
  • NBS-Tiltmast – order separate
  • NBS-Rotatorcarriage – order separate
  • NBS-RBW**** – order separate

Stock Status

Approximate 2-3 week manufacture

NBS-Toppulleymount Technical Data Sheet